Senior Citizen Health Plan

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    Senior Citizen Health Insurance is a type of health insurance that provides coverage for medical costs incurred by those over the age of 60. It provides older patients with preventive health checkup services as well as cashless hospitalization at the insurance company’s network hospitals. Pre-existing conditions, hospital costs, urgent illnesses, pre- and post-hospitalization costs, and coronavirus treatment are all covered.


    A senior citizen health insurance plan provides a range of advantages to the elderly. Medical Coverage to Elderly People, Pre-medical Screening, Hospitalization Expense Coverage, Cashless Treatment, No-Claim Bonus, Lifetime Renewability, and Tax-Benefits are some of the main advantages of purchasing a senior citizen health insurance policy in India.


    Hospitalization costs, day care services, pre- and post-hospitalization costs, COVID-19 coverage, organ donation costs, ambulance fees, pre-existing conditions, AYUSH treatment costs, and domiciliary hospitalization cover are some of the common coverages offered under senior citizen health insurance plans. One should keep in mind that the aforementioned inclusions contain a number of terms and conditions, all of which should be carefully read.

    The following medical costs are not covered by a senior citizen health insurance plan: a history of illnesses or injuries, costs associated with suicide or self-inflicted injuries, costs associated with drug or alcohol misuse and any associated therapy, medical problems discovered within 30 days of policy purchase (except for accidental injuries), costs associated with non-allopathic care, the cost of medical care for injuries sustained as a result of a civil war or an act by a foreign army, the expense of cosmetic surgery, dental care, or eyeglass lenses or frames, unless they result from an accident, The cost of AIDS treatment. The list of exclusions differs from one plan to another, so it is important to keep that in mind.


    Senior citizens who are susceptible to major illnesses that could necessitate costly treatment are provided health insurance coverage through senior citizen mediclaim policies. A senior health insurance plan from DigiBima is simple to purchase online. Review the following factors before purchasing a senior citizen medical insurance policy:

    Daycare treatment, cashless hospitals, the effectiveness of health insurance claims, no claim bonuses, free medical health check-up facilities, co-payment, policy renewability, the waiting period for pre-existing conditions, and in-home hospitalization are some of the terms that are mentioned.

    Plans for Senior Citizen Health Insurance require policyholders to submit a health insurance claim if they need emergency medical care or are admitted to the hospital. You can file a claim to receive cashless care at a network hospital or to be reimbursed for costs you incurred at a non-network hospital. Senior Citizen Health Insurance Reimbursement Claim Procedure or Cashless Procedure are the two ways to submit a reimbursement and cashless claim.