Renewable Energy Insurance Plan

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    A rising nation like India requires consistent energy sources to fuel its brisk economic growth. To fulfill the soaring demand, both public and private sector businesses are focusing heavily on developing on and off-shore oil and gas infrastructure. Without consistent investments in commercial power generation, the industry might not be able to fully take advantage of development potential as a result of the push toward manufacturing. Fossil fuels are probably going to be extensively employed in industrial and commercial applications for the foreseeable future, despite the fact that the hunt for non-polluting energy sources is getting more and more intense.

    The development of the energy sector is funded through energy insurance. It enables companies to control risks and build financial resilience against the effects of accidents. Aggressive expansion through the adoption of cutting-edge technology is made easier when hazards are under control. The strategic and operational trajectories of your firm may be affected by your investment in energy insurance.


    The high capital costs associated with such oil and gas projects necessitate specialist insurance solutions that offer thorough, affordable, and flexible coverage. DigiBima Fosters Greater Confidence Among Investors, Strengthens Business Continuity, And Helps Protect The Bottom Line. Here Are Some Reasons Energy Insurance Is Essential For Business: It Identifies Risk, Offers Tailor-Made Solutions, Assures Investor Confidence, and Assists in Liability Limitation.


    On-shore and off-shore units make up the majority of the infrastructure categories for power generation, storage, and distribution. Both verticals can benefit from the comprehensive Energy Insurance solutions provided by DigiBima.

    Refineries, petrochemical facilities, gas works, ports, tank farms, subsurface oil facilities, and chemical fertilizer factories are examples of on-shore assets. In the event of an emergency, redundancy and business continuity are provided by DigiBima’s on-shore Energy Insurance solutions, which cover built-up regions, machinery, and equipment.

    Offshore assets include mobile offshore drilling rigs, offshore construction projects, and exploration, development, and production assets. Our off-shore Energy Insurance solutions offer general and excess liability insurance, ensuring that companies may conduct offshore resource exploration and exploitation while managing operational and occupational risks.


    Infrastructure related to oil and gas is seen as high risk due to the significant capital expenditures required. Numerous hazards that could affect operations and threaten profitability are present for both assets. DigiBima offers companies a versatile instrument to handle even the most difficult operational difficulties. Any disruption in energy production and delivery can have a significant impact on revenues and new opportunities as supply chains grow more intertwined. We provide complete on-shore and off-shore solutions that let businesses implement loss control and risk reduction measures. It offers comprehensive protection for on-shore assets, including tangible structures and machinery. It safeguards the company’s installed manufacturing capacity.

    Oil and gas companies can explore opportunities in new markets, implement cutting-edge technology, and boost output while developing capacities for long-term growth thanks to Energy Insurance solutions for off-shore assets.

    DigiBima assists businesses in transforming aspiration into reality by assisting with project planning, conception, and implementation. Our solution provides the energy sector a measure of assurance and predictability when the stakes are high, which enables successful business outcomes. DigiBima is the perfect partner for your Energy Insurance needs thanks to its solid credentials and customer-focused philosophy.