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    Maternity insurance is a type of medical insurance that pays for all costs associated with pregnancy, including those associated with natural and C-section deliveries. Some insurance providers offer maternity insurance policies that cover pregnancies along with pre and postnatal costs as well as newborn baby costs. Additionally, some businesses give their female employees the option of adding maternity insurance as a bonus or in addition to the top health insurance plan.

    In India, there is a waiting period that ranges from 9 months to 6 years for all maternity insurance policies. The insured women are not permitted to submit any claims for pregnancy-related costs during this time. As a result, it is advisable that women choose maternity insurance coverage at least a few years before they intend to have children. Additionally, the waiting period for maternity insurance differs from plan to plan, so people must check it before choosing a maternity cover.


    Maternity insurance makes it possible for you and your partner to concentrate solely on your health and the health of the baby during the course of the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period without worrying about the costs. Any necessary medical care for the newborn will also be covered, depending on the plan you select. This guarantees that your child receives the best care possible without facing any budgetary limitations.

    Having maternity health insurance means that you can plan your family and give the best healthcare without any financial restraints in light of the rising cost of healthcare. Tax deductions for the premiums you pay for your health insurance plan will also be advantageous to you.


    Put simply, most maternity insurance plans cover the following, up to the insurer-specified limits: The cost of hospitalization (including cost of drugs, room rent charges, specialist fees, etc.), Inpatient and outpatient hospital costs, Delivery costs and ambulance fees for newly born children, Prenatal and postpartum costs, It should be noted that certain maternity insurance plans additionally offer extra protection for particular daycare operations and other treatments.

    Following are some exclusions from the plan: Pre-existing conditions during the 48-month waiting period, diseases or illnesses that develop within the first 30 days, the price of non-allopathic treatment, hospital bills for injuries sustained by self-infliction, hospitalization costs associated with drug or alcohol abuse, congenital illness treatment, the price of contacts, eyewear, and dental care, aesthetic procedures, costs associated with the treatment of AIDS/HIV, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), or infertility.


    Waiting period: In the event of repeated renewals, the waiting period may extend for up to 72 months. When selecting an insurance, it is crucial to keep the waiting time in mind. If you intend to start a family soon, pick a policy with a shorter waiting period and enroll in insurance as soon as you tie the knot.

    Understanding the policy’s coverage is crucial since it can subsequently make a difference. For example, knowing how many deliveries are covered, whether both normal and caesarean deliveries are covered, whether a newborn baby is covered, whether vaccinations are covered, etc.

    The ideal time to buy maternity health insurance is before you become pregnant. With a waiting period of two to six years, the majority of health insurance companies offer maternity health insurance plans to policy purchasers. You must buy a maternity health insurance plan from DigiBima far in advance, keeping the waiting period in mind. In order to enjoy full coverage throughout this time of your life because health insurance companies won’t offer maternity health insurance policies to women who are already pregnant.