Individual Health Insurance

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    Individual health insurance is a type of insurance that provides medical protection to a person on the basis of a personal sum insured. It describes the kind of health insurance policy that must be obtained independently for each member of the family. It enables you to tailor the coverage to meet your own medical needs rather than those of your complete family.

    The majority of individual health insurance plans offer full protection to a person for unexpected medical costs associated with hospitalization, daycare procedures, ambulance services, alternative treatments, charges associated with organ donation, etc. An individual health insurance policy’s cost and coverage, however, cannot be split among your family members.


    Numerous advantages of an individual health insurance policy include single and expanded coverage, multiple claims discounts, family discounts, renewal for life, tax advantages, cumulative coverage, and other add-on bonuses.


    A personal health insurance plan covers costs for inpatient hospitalization, COVID-19 treatment, day care procedures, pre- and post-hospitalization costs, domiciliary hospitalization, emergency road ambulance, alternative treatment, organ donation costs, and preventive health exams. Whereas the following costs are not covered by individual health insurance plans such as  Dental treatment, self-inflicted wounds, drug and alcohol abuse, obesity treatment, infertility treatment, cosmetic surgery, injuries sustained while playing risky sports, congenital external anomalies, HIV/AIDS, and wounds or illnesses brought on by conflict or nuclear dangers.

    The individual health insurance policy offers access to a cashless treatment facility. Under this arrangement, your insurance company pays the hospitalization bill sum straight to the affiliated hospital where you received care.


    The following considerations must be made when purchasing an individual health insurance policy: consider your health needs, verify the network hospital list, plan affordability, ensure there are no sub-limits, check the claim settlement ratio and go through the claim process.

    People who have their own health difficulties must obtain individual health insurance plans. you are not required to split your total insured amount with your family members on a floater basis, it is offered exclusively to you. So after thorough comparison, go ahead and purchase an individual health insurance coverage for yourself from digibima.